Welcome to Body Savage, your one stop for all of the fitness, health and nutritional information you will need kept plain and simple just as you want it with all the complicating stuff ripped out. who made this complicating after-all, this is supposed to be more fun otherwise it does get boring.
First off, let me introduce myself…
My name is Jamie, I am a 29 years old British military infantry veteran who has always had a passion for life, health, fitness and nutrition because I believe the body should be kept well whilst living life to the fullest.

It all started when I started to do martial arts learning about my mind and how to control it correctly and parkour (free-running) learning about my body and how yo control that correctly too.
I learnt that my body needs to be treated well for it to give its best back to me, if I treated it bad then it couldn’t look after me properly.

After doing my body good I could feel myself becoming stronger. I could run further, faster, jump higher, jump from higher heights, fall with barely a mark.

I’m not superhuman I know that, I just know what my body is capable of now and what it can do and how far I can push it, although with the right frame of mind you can keep pushing it.

The aim of this health, fitness and nutrition blog is to help encourage a better healthier way of living without making it boring because that is just the worst part.
Health, fitness and nutrition should be fun otherwise it is just boring as I said at the top and that is coming from me, a person who loves this stuff.

I’m not going to be getting all deep into medical and deep into nutrition on a level that is going to bore you so I am keeping things short and sweet and right to the point telling you the things you need to know and what you want to know otherwise this is just another one of those same old boring wellbeing blogs.

So lets get you to it, take yourself around my blog, have a little explore and a little read and hopefully I will have made things a little more interesting and bearable for you.