Sweat Suit

Sweat Suits

Sweat suits are actually a brilliant piece of kit you can get that are cheap to purchase from many places and have a brilliant effect.

The body naturally retains water as we all know so we are going to have excess water weight which shows on the scales.
If you didn’t know this then just picture a sponge and how much it weighs.
If you put that sponge into water, soak up the water into the sponge, then remove it from the water with the water still in the sponge then the sponge will clearly be heavier.
Get rid of the water in the sponge and the sponge does not weigh as much.

Apply this affect to the human body and it pretty much does exactly the same.
What the sweat suit does is like a hand squeezing the water out of a sponge (your body), and the good thing is it will do it without you even needing to move. You can sit there and shed excess water weight.
See I told you its a brilliant piece of kit.

What suits work by making you sweat (perspire). its this that makes you lose the excess water weight.

Sweat suits however barely help to burn any calories and it isn’t cardiovascular exercise so you cant just put a sweat suit on and expect to have a nice slim body.

You will actually need to exercise or diet to achieve that goal.

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