Muscle Growth

Muscle growth and repair

Making your muscles grow and build takes quite a lot of time, hard work and physical pain as the work you need to put in for this to happen can be strenuous.

For the muscle to build and grow bigger working the muscle to breaking point is the key.
When working out you need to get to and past the point you feel like you cant do any more.
Doing this damages the muscle cell fibres causing tears in the fibres themselves, this starts the stage of the muscle to begin being repaired by the body with the protein it has.

When the body repairs these muscle fibres when it creates and extra layer of muscle fibre cells to effectively make it stronger.

This happens with not just muscle, this happens with all cells in the body. This can be seen for example with the cells of the skin which you can see clearly from lacerations or tears in the skin known as scars.
Scared skin is tougher and harder to break and if the scar is caused by a bad cut or tear then you will noticed the scar is raised or grown outwards.
This is similar to what happens to the muscle fibres.

Over time with this happening again and again, layer after layer of extra muscle is formed which slowly increase the size of the muscle itself.



Being Overweight

Being overweight can cause a vast range of complications for the body such as high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke just to name a few.

Overweight or obesity is simply due to excess fat in the body.

Heart conditions are very common with people overweight due to the excess fat building up in arteries which restricts the blood flow around the body.

Becoming overweight is down to having a bad diet, overeating or a general lack of exercise, in quite a few cases all three of these. 

People who are overweight usually start by gradually eating more and getting a lot of pleasure from eating food and this stimulates the release of the chemicals endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin within the body, these are the feel good chemicals.

Some people gain an addiction to the food because of this and continue to eat as they are and without realising portions get bigger.

Due to the bad diet and increase of fat into the bodies system health starts to deteriorate and then a person just doesn’t have as much energy anymore, this leads to a person becoming less active or lazy.
The person will do less and less and then become exhausted more easily, then attempts to do any sort of activity soon get pushed to one side because the smallest thing will become a dreaded task to do.

People who fall into the obese category tend to have, or developed, an underactive thyroid which is releasing the hormone that primarily controls the metabolism.

Underactive thyroid secrete this hormone too slowly so the metabolism isn’t working at its optimal level. 

You can visit your doctor if you have worries about your thyroid activity and medication that regulates your thyroid activity can be given if needed.


Being Underweight

Being underweight can be very unhealthy leading to many complication for your health. some of these complications include the likes of fatigue all the way to fragile bones.

Lack of vital nourishment basically starts to weaken the body as it does not have what it needs to sustain its own structure, in general the body starts to weaken, break down and shut down.

However, you can be underweight despite getting all the nourishment you need according to the guidelines of what adult men and adult woman should be consuming on a daily basis.

This is usually caused by an overactive thyroid.

The thyroid is a gland that releases thyroid hormones and these primarily control your metabolism.

If the thyroid is overactive then it is releases more of these hormones and this leads to the body burning its resources at a faster rate.
If a person has an overactive thyroid then they should be eating more to compensate for their overactive thyroid.

You can also visit your doctor and if you are diagnosed with an overactive thyroid then there are medications that can regulate the thyroids activity.



There are many different types of diets, some more effective than others from low intensity to high intensity. Some are designed to help lose weight and others designed to gain it and some for building muscle mass, others just to tone and sculpt the muscle.

All just as capable of working as the next, but whether it will work depends on you and how much you want to reach your goal.

For the best results for different goals I have listed the best ways to achieve those goals.

For weight loss:

Drink plenty of water.

Think smaller portions and avoid frequent fatty foods and cooking oils/butter/lard.

Healthy low fat complex carb breakfast, cereal or omelette.

Smaller portions of carbs and larger portions of vegetables is the main thing for this.
You need some carbohydrates (Complex carbohydrates like pasta or rice, preferably whole grain) so your body has energy to keep your metabolism working optimally.
A meat of some sort, preferably chicken, fish or lean steaks. Try to use little oil to cook if frying, boiling is best as no oil is needed.

Snack on legumes, fruit and veg such as apples or celery.

For muscle building:

Drink plenty of water.

Think low fat high protein.

Eat small portions of carbohydrates like pasta or rice, preferably whole grain.
Have with chicken, fish, pork or lean steaks of beef for the protein content for cell repair needed from training.

Snack on legumes if hungry.

For weight gain:

Drink plenty of water.

Think keeping it healthy so just have bigger portions of carbohydrates than usual.

Still try to stay away from bad or extra fats as they are unhealthy saturated fats.

Snacks can vary during weight gain, just think healthy so not too much cake, chocolate, crisps (chips in the USA) ect.


Your stool and your body

Not the nicest of topics, but it is quite a valuable one when it come to your body and health.

You can tell a lot about you diet via you faeces (Poo).
What goes in must come out and all of that however how it goes in is very different to how it comes out and this tells us a lot about what is going on inside us.

There are many different types that come out ranging from shape and size to the colour of your stool.

The picture below shows the Bristol Stool Chart and this shows in what ways what we eat can exit our bodies as faeces.

Picture source: Wikipedia, licensed under the Creative Commons [LINK]
(1) – Several separate hard lumps which can be rough and hard to get out. These lumps as they are rough can cause very slight cuts in your anal lining which can be quite painful when passing more stool as I once found out myself.
This can cause some bleeding at times, but a cream can be given by the doctor which needs to be applied internally via you can guess where.
This type of poo is usually cause by low fibre in the diet or post anti-biotic treatment.

(2) – Sausage shaped and lumpy stools are caused by (1) clumping and sticking together. 
Usually occur when the person is not going to pass faeces as regular as normal leading to a build-up in the bowl and intestine. This can cause constipation if not relieved regularly.
These stools can be quite big at times which make it even more likely to cause cuts in the anal lining and can also cause haemorrhoidal prolapse or diverticulosis.
People with stool like this usually suppers from irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) caused by the continued pressure exerted on the intestinal walls.
Adding more fibre to your diet can be bad if your stool is like this as it will have nowhere to go. This added fibre could lead to hernia, obstruction, or in severe cases perforation.
Its best just to try and pass this stool whenever you feel you can and not let it get to this stage again after by providing your body with the fibre you would have realised it needs.

(3) – This stool is similar to (2) however not as large due to the more easy passing.
It is not as bumpy or lumpy but does have a cracked appearance which suggest lack of moisture being held in the stool so irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) and  is likely in this stool but not as likely as (2), pleasing to hear, right?

(4) – Sausage or snake-like, smooth and soft this stool is more easy to pass and is usually the stool of somebody who empties their bowel on a daily basis so is quite healthy compare to (1, 2 and 3).
This stool is from having a ok amount of fibre in the diet.

(5) – This soft stool with clear-cut edges that are passed easy is pretty much the idea stool to have meaning this stool brings no complications when emptying your bowels.

(6) – This fluffy with ragged edge soft and lumpy stool can be a pain as its verging on diarrhoea, (7).
Not runny like (7) it passes rather easy but wiping can sometimes be a pain to do depending on the stage it is at before (7).
This happens usually due to a overactive Bowel, too much potassium in your diet, sudden dehydration or spike in blood pressure related to stress.
Both sudden dehydration and a spike in blood pressure cause the rapid release of water and potassium from blood plasma into the intestinal cavity.

(7) – This as you may have guessed is diarrhoea. A sloppy unpleasing type of stool that I don’t really think should be classed as stool as there is no bulk to its mass.
During and illness this can happen as the bacteria levels are down that help the stool form and become moist. Due to this the stool can become dry in the small intestine causing constipation of the small intestine.
Fluids are not absorbed at this point so have nowhere else to go but carry on its journey through the intestines flushing small particles and faeces left in the intestine into the bowel filling the bowl with watery faecal fluid, also known as diarrhoea.
This will eventually rectify itself, just be sure to keep hydrated as the body is not absorbing it at this time properly.

I use the following definitions:

Types 1, 2 and 3 = hard or impacted stools
Type 4 and 5 = normal or optimal
Type 6 = loose stool, subnormal or suboptimal
Type 7 = diarrhoea


10 A Day

10 A Day

According to new guidelines as posted in the Guardian News scientist are now saying that 5 a day is good for you, but 10 is better.

I think everybody knows fruit and vegetables are good for you and needed in your diet as they do contain a lot of vital vitamins and other nourishment.

I don’t know why they didn’t just say 10 a day initially because as far as I’m aware most people don’t even eat 5 a day, maybe saying 10 a day initially would have gave it more value and virtually highlighted the importance of fruit and vegetable.

You could say it would have been like a little scare, but scares do seem to work.

Try not to worry

Why worry?

You must have heard of the saying “Happiness is the best medicine“.

This saying came about because it was believed that when you are happy you feel a lot better, which includes being in less pain, not feeling as ill and not getting ill as frequently.

Later it was discovered that simply doing things that you enjoy boosts your immune system is boosted by such as laughing, relaxing, football and treating your brain to a bit of gaming therapy.
I find first person shooters and racing games the best, but I guess if you r into Yahtzee and Monopoly that will work too.  

This immune system boost occurs because it was discovered that when you participate in or even watch things you enjoy your body releases the chemicals endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

Theses chemicals are feel-good and pain relieving chemicals.

Which brings me back to the old saying “Happiness is the best medicine”.

True story:

My partner recently had a minor health worry so I advised him to go to the doctors just to get a check-up.

He said “Ok I’m going to go to the walk-in centre in the morning.”

Later that evening we was chatting before he went to sleep and he said he was “S******g himself”.

I gave him some advise as the picture below will explain.

The human body has amazing capabilities and it is amazing what it can do if we put our minds to it. Just look at the Shaolin and the Tibetan monks for example they can achieve and do amazing things and its because they believe and get their mind into a great place.

So please trust in you body and its capability as I do mine and try not to worry.