Pull-Ups at Home

Pull-Ups at Home

Pull-ups at home can be achieved in many ways and are a great form of strength training for many muscles.
The the lats, biceps, triceps, pectorals and muscles surrounding the shoulder are the main groups.
 The drawing below demonstrates in more detail which muscles are actually used when performing a pull-up.

If you do not have a pull-up bar (as shown below) already you can purchase them quite cheap so they are worth the little investment.
However you do not need to spend money when there are alternate ways of still performing the pull-up at home as the guy in the picture below is doing. He is holding onto his door however you can hang from your door frame if you grip strength is strong enough.

Be sure to bend your knees overlapping your legs during the action of a pull-up as shown in picture (1).
This helps to stabilise you pull-up restricting the amount of wobble which in turn makes the pull up feel that bit easier.


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