Bicep Tin-Curl

Bicep Tin-Curls

This is as basic as it sounds to be totally honest and works a treat if you have no dumbbells (weights attached to a single bar used for single hand bicep curls).

This exercise is a strength training exercise mainly for the bicep.

Picture (1) shows this in more detail and the muscles used to perform a bicep curl.


if you don’t own any dumbbells they can be purchased relatively cheap from many places as with the pull-up bar.

If you do not want to purchase any of these for this strength training exercise then that is fine as your home is most likely filled with things you can curl.
For example tinned food products (2)…
Obviously keep the tins full and sealed or things will get messy.


You can curl 1 tin in each arm for a very easy toning workout or you can bag a bunch up making sure both are equal in weight for optimal equal workout on each arm because you don’t want to end up like this guy (3):
Clearly Photoshopped however still a funny picture.

This gay has got the hang of it…



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