Home Fitness vs Gym Fitness

Home Fitness vs Gym Fitness

When people ask me where do I workout when the topic of exercise comes up there seems to be that question of “Why would you do that when there’s a gyms with actual equipment in?”…

Personally I enjoy working out at home or outdoors than going to a sweaty gym full of panting guys grunting like ogres. Yes you have to pay for a membership to whether that be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc., but I don’t like having to pay for that when it doesn’t smell very nice, bit disturbing to the nose and mithering to the ears…
However, working out at home is free from costs and you get undisturbed privacy if you want it, unless you have a family, children or house/flatmates that is. there is always still the great outdoors where you get the freedom, the scenery, the fresh air that comes with it and none of the exadurated animalistic pandemonium noise that seems to come with staying fit at a gym these days.

There are bad points obviously to working out outdoors for example the elements can sometimes get quite harsh at times, especially living in the United Kingdom as I do.
The rain, sleet snow, ice, wind… they all can get quite annoying however it does benefit at times when your cooking up a sweat and you have a nice breeze or rainfall to cool you off. 

So, the big question,… which is better?

This cannot be answered by me personally as only one person on this planet, my viewpoint wouldn’t matter.
It comes down to you all in the end. Go out and give it a shot and see why many people love to workout outdoors.
There are many ways to do strength training at home and outdoors too so don’t just be thinking its for the runners among the fitness community.


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