Dietary Energy

Dietary Energy
Dietary energy comes from the foods we eat. Our body uses this energy as fuel to power our conscious and subconscious movement externally and internally.
Our organs need energy to be able to work correctly, no energy and the organ just like when we don’t eat, we have less energy so we are less productive and do not or struggle to get as much done efficiently.
These movements are part of a list from sprinting to circulating blood around the body.
Dietary energy either gets converted by the body to become physical energy or stored in the body as fat, protein and carbohydrates.
This stored energy will remain in the body until it needs to be used in cases such as when a decrease in food intake has occurred, a diet, fasting or increasing the amount of physical activity.
Your body will turn to these reserves of energy if the body is not getting what it needs from food intake.

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